Get to Know Indie!

Breed: Morgan | Height: 14.1 hands
Color: Copper Bay

Morgan horses are known for their intelligence, loyalty, willingness to please, common sense and sweet personalities, all of which describe Indie perfectly. Indie is a very smart horse who generally takes a no-nonsense approach to whatever she is asked to do. Indie loves meeting new people and always politely checks their pockets to see if they might have a treat for her.

Indie is a Brave Trail Horse in the Book and in Real Life

Horse crossing water
Indie crossing creek

In The Smallest Horse, Indie is a brave trail horse. The same is true in real life! Indie always goes first on the trail, and the other horses trust her to find the best path to take. She likes to walk fast and easily keeps up with Augie even though he has much longer legs.


Indie seemed a little surprised to find out she's in a book!

Can you guess Indie's favorite treats?

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Indie's Favorite Treats

Sunflower Seeds Roses Apples Nature Valley Granola Bars (cinnamon) Strawberries

Learn More About Indie

Indie likes summer
camping trips to
beautiful places.

She likes going on trail rides in the mountains.

She also like rides on the beach with her good pal Sis.

Indie loves roses, strawberries and sunflower seeds.

Indie LOVES covering herself with mud and HATES getting a BATH.

She wins lots of ribbons at competitions for trail horses because she is so calm and confident.

This is a teeter-totter for horses. It's the one obstacle that Indie really, really doesn't like.

Indie is learning how to be a good archery horse. She has to stay calm and steady and not run as fast as she might want to. (Indie really likes being fast.)

Indie really likes coming over to say hi.

Did We Mention That Indie Doesn't Like Baths?

The humans that have horses generally like them to be clean and shiny. Horses sometimes have other ideas. Indie, in particular, does not appreciate being clean. We took this video right after she had a bath so you could see just how hard she works to roll away the clean. In her defense, the extra layer of dirt might help protect her from flies and other insects. Rolling also helps a horse stretch its back and other muscles.

Are you afraid of shots? Watch how calm Indie is when she needs a vaccine.