What's Kestrel Up To?

Breed: Mangalarga Marchadore
Height: 15.1 hands | Color: Dark Bay

Augie with a dressage saddle

Kestrel is a very adventuresome horse with a clever and mischievous mind. He's also kind of a goofball and likes to stick his tongue out for pictures. Most people can't guess what kind of horse he is because Marchadores are from Brazil and there are not very many in the United States. Kestrel likes being special!


Kestrel and Trixie are Good Friends

Just like in The Smallest Horse, Kestrel and Trixie can often be found napping together or out running around in their pasture. For the record, Trixie really is almost as fast as Kestrel.


Kestrel is A Fearless Archery Horse


Horseback archery is an ancient sport that requires horse and rider to be extremely connected. Amanda can't use her reins because she needs her hands to shoot her bow, so Kestrel must be steady, strong and focused on what Amanda is asking him to do.