Get to Know Augie!

Registered Name: Augustus | Breed: Quarter Horse
Height: 16.1 hands | Color: Dark Bay

Augie with a dressage saddle

Augie is an Appendix Quarter Horse which means that one of his parents was a Quarter Horse and one of his parents was a Thoroughbred. Augie is a trained dressage horse, which is unusual for a Quarter Horse, but Augie spent part of his youth in a barn full of fancy warmbloods who all practiced dressage on a regular basis.


Augie is a Rather Fancy Horse

In The Smallest Horse, Trixie thinks it would be nice to win ribbons like Augie does, but she can't quite do the same fancy moves he does. Dressage is a very challenging sport for both riders and horses. It's a lot like learning a very specific set of difficult dance moves and involves very careful and precise communication between horse and rider. 


Augie Gets Along With Everybody

Augie and Indie are trail buddies, but Augie is also very good friends with Kestrel. He's just very social and easy to get along with. Augie never picks on anyone else and he is always happy to keep another horse company. 


Why is he named Augie?

Augie is a rather unusual name for a horse and a lot of people wonder how he got it. Tap to get the answer.


Augie's formal name is Augustus. Most horses are born between February and June. Augie is a rare horse with an August birthday which is how he got the name Augustus. His friends all call him Augie for short.

Augie looking for a treat

Augie Finds His Courage

Augie loves trail rides, but he prefers that someone else (usually Indie) goes first, especially when water is involved. Augie is not alone with his concern about crossing water – a LOT of horses get very worried about going through water when someone is on their back. This video is from the day that Augie finally decided to be BRAVE.