The Smallest Horse


The Smallest Horse

by Lorie List and Amanda Holbo

Trixie is the smallest horse on the ranch, and sometimes that can be very frustrating. For example, Trixie thought it would be fun to round up cattle like the big horse Huey. One day she tried to help, but she got lost in the tall grass and they had to send Huey to round her up! It was very upsetting to say the least.

Indie is very brave and gets to lead the trail rides that go out around the ranch. Trixie thought it would be really fun to go along, but the creek was too deep to cross and she had to stay behind.

Even Valentine - who is a very small pony and not even a horse - has an important job to do helping little children learn to ride. Trixie tried to look big and strong, but nobody put a saddle on her!

The big horses tried very hard to cheer Trixie up. Huey reminded her that she always won when they played hide-and-seek. "You're small and you're clever," he said.  But Trixie didn't think that winning silly games was the same as having an important job.

No. Trixie did not think that being SMALL was very nice AT ALL.

We don't want to give away the story away, but we will give you a hint that perhaps Trixie does indeed discover that she has a very important job to do on the ranch after all.

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