Dressage Dressage is a bit like gymnastics for your horse. Horses and riders spend years mastering the basics and before they are prepared to take on the more difficult and beautiful movements seen at the more advanced levels. An upper-level dressage horse needs to be strong, balanced and flexible, much like a gymnast. Horse and rider need to be completely …

Horse Anatomy Quiz: Apprentice

Apprentices recognize that no matter how much we know, the horse will always have more to teach us. If you’ve mastered the novice and student quizzes, see how you do on the next level.

Can Horses Really Sleep Standing Up?

Did you know horses sleep while standing up? They also lay down to sleep on occasion, but horses get most of their rest while standing up. Why do you think this is important? And how come they don’t fall over when they fall asleep?

How Do You Measure a Horse?

Have you ever heard people talk about how many ‘hands high’ a horse is? What does that mean and how, exactly, do you measure a horse? Learn more about what this means and how to figure out how many hands tall you are.

All About Miniature Horses

Was there a time when you were a bit afraid of a big horse? Miniature horses are loving and sweet and perfect for small children who want to spend time with a horse just their size. They’re also very friendly and good at a lot of different things. They can even ride in cars!

Horse Anatomy 101

Learning the key parts of a horse’s anatomy is an important part of horsemanship. We asked Kestrel to be our model so you can learn more about what a horse’s body parts are called and how they help the horse. There’s a lot to learn, but you don’t have to do it all at once.